eVantage Solution

The $50 Laptop Repair Hernando Special*

For a limited time take advantage of the eVantage Solution $50 PC Reformat Service.

What problems, does this repair service solve?
This process will resolve all software issues, including, virus, worms, trojans, malware, spy-ware, registry errors, corrupt software, software conflicts, operating system errors, outdated drivers, etc. The end result is that your PC will run just as good or better then the day you bought it.
What if I need hardware?
eVantage Solution does not sell or stock any hardware, however any hardware you provide can be installed during the repair process. In the event you require hardware to fix you PC we will be glad to order it for you.
Why is this the best solution?
Over the last several years, we have found that chasing down virus, worms, malware and other software issues, takes much more time with mixed results. It is easier, faster and much more cost effective to reinstall the software instead of trying to chase down the issues, only to have them return in a week or so.
Is my data safe with eVantage Solution?
Yes! We take security very seriously. We have built our networks from the ground up to be the most secure possible. Over the last 10 years we have managed data for hedge funds, credit card processing, corporate trusts, real estate, local corporations and the regular Joe.
What if eVantage Solution can not fix my PC?
If we can not fix your computer there is never a charge. To date we have never seen a problem we could not fix, however we will not repair a PC if it is not cost effective.

If you would like to know if this service is right for you or need more information please feel free to send us an email using our contact form

Pick up and Repair Process

Your PC or laptop will be picked up at your home or office. We will evaluate your computer to make sure that it will be cost effective for us to repair it. Your data will be safely removed from your hard drive and temporally stored** on a local secure Linux server that is not connected to the Internet (Why Linux?). Your data will be scanned for any remaining virus, worms and malware. This is important, your files will be scanned in a Linux environment which means any remaining viruses, worms or malware can not replicate, infect other files or do anything and they are easily removed. Next your hard drive will undergo a low level format and erased and any software problem you had is now gone.

Re installation

A fresh copy of your operating system will be installed, restoring your PC to factory new condition. The latest driver and security updates and patched will be installed.
All software provided when your PC is picked up will be installed and updated with any available updates. Your freshly cleaned data will be restored back to the original location, including pictures, video, email, address books, documents, cookies, favorites, etc. Also all the standard web add ons such as Flash, JAVA and Acrobat Reader will be installed.

PC Setup

Once your PC is repaired, your PC will be returned to your home or office, in most case within 24 hours. We will make sure that your printer, network and other PC accessories are functioning correctly. If we are unable to repair your PC there is no charge. Over the last 8 years we have not worked on a single PC that we could not fix.

Bonus Software

You may choose to have any or all of the following installed at no additional cost;

Serving the West Hernando Area including Spring Hill, Hernando Beach, Aripeka and Weeki Wachee.

* For PC pick up in West Hernando Area, applies to a software solution only.
** Due to the large amount of data we handle, your data will be eased from our servers within 24 to 48 hours of service.