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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cable Modems issues

Most of Hernando county has bright house high speed internet available. Which is now the most widely used internet service.

We do receive a few calls for cable modem issues. Most are easily fix and do not need a service call from us or Bright House. The key is to understand the basics about how the modem works. Regardless of the brand of cable modem you have they all work on the same principle. The modems are mac address dependent, any computer or device that is connected via the network cable to the cable modem will bind with the modem. This means that cable modem will only talk (allow to connect) to that device. The device could be a laptop, computer or router.

Change the device that is connected to the cable modem.
If you have a computer attached to the cable modem and you want to connect a different computer or router follow theses steps.
  1. Unplug the power from the cable modem.
  2. Disconnect and power down the device from the cable modem.
  3. Power down the new device that you want to connect to the cable modem.
  4. Connect the network cable to the new device.
  5. Plug in the power to the cable modem and wait about 30 sec.
  6. Power up the new device.
By powering down the cable modem, you clear the memory of the last device that was connected. When you power up the cable modem it will look for a network device to bind with. When you power up the new device, the cable modem will then bind to the new device and allow it to connect to internet.

No internet connection.
If you have no internet connection, the first thing to check is the modem lights. Each modem is different, but they all should have a light for the cable. If this light is blinking then chances are the cable is down. You can unplug the modem then plug it back in and check for connectivity. If this does not work call Bright House and they have an automated cable modem reset. If you still do not have connectivity, call Bright House and speak to the tech support. Many times they can fix the issue over the phone. If not they will send out a tech to replace your modem.

Connecting to the internet when the cable modem is down.

Road runner has dial up for times when your cable modem is down or you are traveling. You will need to download the road runner dial up program. You can find more information at: Road Runner Dial Access page.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

What to do with your old PC

If you have recently upgraded your PC or have an old PC collecting dust. I have a great idea for your old PC, make it a Linux computer. There are many good reasons to have a "spare" computer around. If you have ever had anyone over that wanted to check their email, Myspace or cruise the internet, you know how that can turn out. After they leave you end up with all sorts of things that your would rather not have on you machine.

A spare Linux computer is not just another computer, it's pretty much bullet proof backup machine. No matter what they did, you would not have to worry about getting the latest and greatest Windows virus, worm, trojan, spyware or any type of malware. These types of bad things are created for Windows and are rendered useless on a Linux computer. And if you just ended up with a few extra files laying around on the desktop, they can be easily removed and you will not have to worry about breaking the computer.

Most people have never heard of Linux and those who have tend to shy away if they have only used a Windows computer. Originally Linux was made by geeks for geeks. The learning curve was very steep, but Linux is a very powerful operating system and worth the efforts. Over the years geeks around the world (known as the open source community) wanted to make Linux easier to use. Today, Linux has hit the mainstream and many of my guest do not even know they are using Linux while visiting me. With the introduction of Lindows a few years ago, the other distributions of Linux (there are lots of them) started to integrate more and more user friendly components for the average Joe.

Here is a list of the Linux that I current use, that are considered mainstream.
  • Ubuntu : Very easy to use and maintain.
  • Xubuntu: A trimmed down version of Ubuntu for older PCs.
  • Ubuntu Server: Gaining traction in the server market.
  • Fedora : This is the cutting edge and testing grounds for Red Hat Enterprise.
  • Red Hat Enterprise: The leading Linux server with outstanding support.
  • CentOs: A direct copy of Red Hat Enterprise.
  • WattOS: very small and light made for older computer (really old).
Linux has just about everything that Windows has to offer.
  • Web Browsing with Firefox.
  • Email using Thunderbird.
  • Open Microsoft office documents with Open Office
  • Music and video player
  • Photo Manager (compatible with most cameras)
  • Calendar and Contact Manager
  • Wide range of printers are supported.
  • Plus thousands of software titles and most are free and easy to install.

While Linux sounds great, there are a few quirks. But overall Linux makes a great web surfing and email machine. And for those willing to go beyond the basics Linux can do just about anything, except wash your dishes and clean your house... One day I hope that will be available.

For more information about converting your old PC in to a Linux PC, please let us know.

eVantage Solution
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Creating A Web Page Link On Your Desktop

Sometimes you may find something on the web that you want a quick easy link from your desktop. For example when I have a UPS or FedEx delivery, I want to keep track of package until it arrives, so I really do not want to use a bookmark. What I need is a temporary link to the tracking web page.

A simple and quick solution is to grab the icon from the address bar in the browser and drop it on the desktop.

Click image to enlarge

The web page icon in this image is highlighted in yellow.

1. Place your mouse over the icon.
2. Press and hold down the left button on the mouse
3. Drag the icon to your desktop.

Notice that the web page icon now become the shortcut icon on your desktop and the web page title becomes that name. This link is very convenient since all you need to double click on the link and your browser will start up with the web page link. Once you are done with the shortcut you can easily delete it.

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