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Is Windows the only operating system maintain.
Can you change my PC to a Linux PC
What are some of the benefits to using a Linux PC?
What are your standard fees?
How can your fees be so much less than the retail services?
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Reformatting your hard drive

In a nut shell it will solve all software issues. However if there are hardware issues, those issues will need to be resolved in order for your PC to function properly. Below is a list of common issues reformatting will solve.

Over time the windows operating system goes through many changes and updates. Most of these changes occur from installing software, drivers and windows updates. This will cause the registry to become bloated and the computer to slow down, due to the fact that Windows must now read through a much larger registry to run. Typically it may take 2 to 3 years for a Windows system to become overloaded and slow down significantly.

The registry is only a small problem, everyone uses free software. While there many great programs available for free, there are many that are not so great to really bad. Your typical big software companies will produce free software and in return they we receive a revue stream from the supporting their software. Such as IBM, JAVA, Microsoft, etc. The free software that does not have major corporate sponsorship, needs to find an alternative revenue system. Mostly in the from of advertising or illegal data collection. Since it is free software they may use less than standard programming practices, which can lead to many problems that ultimately leaves your computer running slow or even completely useless. And to add to the problem the software may be very difficult to remove.

Broken software can also be a major problem. This is where an internal link that a program will need in order to function. Sometimes this link can be broken leaving the software unable to call the file it needs in order to function. Most of the big corporate programs will allow you to repair their software. But this still leaves the broken part of the program lost and inaccessible somewhere on your computers hard drive.

Device driver issue can also cause havoc on you computer. If a driver has become corrupt or outdated that device may no longer work properly. This may also cause driver conflicts between two devices, or the devices stops working or worst case you end up with the blue screen of death.

Peer to Peer sharing networks (P2P). This type of network was designed to allow distribution of large files across many networks to a single point. Once this technology hit the main stream users all kinds of bad things started to happen. While P2P networks are not illegal they do represent a big problem. For example, if you where an evil programmer wanting to get your evil software running a lots of computers. You would first need to find a delivery system and this is not an easy task. Since no one would download "The Evil Program". So that leaves the evil programmer in a bind, where can he find millions willing users for his evil software. With P2P there are millions of users wanting to download the latest hit song or video. So all the evil programmer needs to do now is to run down to the local store and pick the cd. Rip the song from the CD and add a little piece of code on the end of the song that will allow for delivery system to load the evil programmers software on to your computer. And presto the evil programmer now has his evil software migrating at light speed around the world.

Virus, worms, trojans, mal-ware, ad-ware, etc. Once your machine becomes infected, this presents at crack in the operating system. Back in the early stages of internet, viruses and worms where built mainly by kids testing out their skills on the unsuspecting public. Their intent was nothing more then to see what they could do. And this type of virus was very simple and easy to detect and remove. Today, the modern viruses are very complex and are designed by some of the best programmers in the world. Their intent is to use their software to preform a certain task in order to generate a profit. Such as collecting information, password, data, sending out spam, attacks on networks and infecting other computers to do the same. They understand if you get a virus and it starts breaking down your system, the task will never be finished. So most modern virus, worms and trojans will quietly go about their task for days, weeks or even months undetected, until a trigger action occurs then the virus goes into to self-preservation and self-destruct mode at the same time. They only way it can preserver itself is to replicate and move to any available location. This is when most people and anti-virus programs, realize you have a virus. By this time the only real solutions is to clean up your data and reinstall the operating system.

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What operating system do we maintain?

While windows is the most common operating system, we service all operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Can you change my Windows PC to Linux PC?

In most cases the answer is yes. However there are a few computers that may not be 100% hardware compatible with Linux and may cause problems for the user. We can run few simple hardware compatibility test to make sure your PC is compatible before we install Linux.

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What are some of the benefits to using a Linux PC?

Pros: You can not get a windows based virus, trojan, worm, mal-ware or spy-ware. Linux is just about as bullet proof secure as you can get.

Most all programs for Linux are created in the Open Source community. This means that a group of programmers wanted to create a program to perform a task. Once they have created the program, many of them will distribute their code freely around to world for others to use and improve. The key issue with open source software is the source code is available for other programmers to view. In the event someone attempts to add some type of unwanted code, it will easily be detected and corrected. When errors are found a fix is usually created in a matter of days, unlike Windows where the source code is locked away from the public, a fix may take up to a year.

Cons: Many software titles designed for Windows only will not run on Linux. This is not to say that all the programs you use are not available on Linux. Just about any useful program will have a Linux version. For example: Windows : Linux
explorer : Firefox
Office : Open Office
Windows Media Play : many

Linux is not for everyone, some may find it more challenging, if they have a strict routine they follow in a windows operating system. Anyone willing to spend a little time learning which icons to click to get the same results can use a Linux based operating system. And those who are depended on Windows base software, can use a dual boot system, where they have both Windows and Linux installed on the same computer.

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What are your standard flat rate fees?

View our standard flat rate Fee Schedule.

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How can your fees be so much less than the retail services?

First and foremost, eVantage Solution we created to provide cost effective IT services. Many retail IT service providers have very high over head, which directly forces their fees to increase. The second part of their higher cost is they are retail, meaning their job is to add on every service or product that they can talk you in to buying. At eVantage Solution we take a different approach, we do not need to 1000's of clients just to turn a profit. Instead we focus on providing an outstanding service at an reasonable fee, one client at a time. In turn most of our clients are referred to us by other clients. This reduce our client acquisition cost to almost $0. Next eVantage Solution was formed and designed to service our Hedge Fund IT needs. Most of the components and diagnostic equipment needed to run a full service IT department has always been in place and ready for service.

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How To Contact Us

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