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About eVantage Solution

Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is John Leavitt I own and operate eVantage Solution. I started eVantage Solution in 2001 during my last year of college at USF, where I majored in Computer Science. My business model was simple, to provide reliable, cost effective IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses and residential clients. I have extensive experience in both software and hardware areas, as well as building ultra secure networks including wireless, LANs, WANs and secure tunnels. I manage large amounts of sensitive data, security is always a top priority.

Client Testimonials

My name is John Fuhrer and I was a Realtor at Hernando Beach Realty on Hernando Beach. Since aprox. 2001 until I retired in 2006 John (Chris) Leavitt maintained all my computers and printers. I had a very complex system and Chris always found the problem and fixed it. What ever Chris charged me I always felt that I got my money's worth and more. I never had a computer problem that Chris could not fix. If you choose to contact me feel free 352-650-4851.

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