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Friday, August 7, 2009

Creating A Web Page Link On Your Desktop

Sometimes you may find something on the web that you want a quick easy link from your desktop. For example when I have a UPS or FedEx delivery, I want to keep track of package until it arrives, so I really do not want to use a bookmark. What I need is a temporary link to the tracking web page.

A simple and quick solution is to grab the icon from the address bar in the browser and drop it on the desktop.

Click image to enlarge

The web page icon in this image is highlighted in yellow.

1. Place your mouse over the icon.
2. Press and hold down the left button on the mouse
3. Drag the icon to your desktop.

Notice that the web page icon now become the shortcut icon on your desktop and the web page title becomes that name. This link is very convenient since all you need to double click on the link and your browser will start up with the web page link. Once you are done with the shortcut you can easily delete it.

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